BEEF001 CAB Brisket 6-8kgs/pc

BEEF005 CAB Rib Eye Frozen 6-8kg/pc

BEEF009 CAB Hanging Tender 1kg/pc

BEEF011 Beef Shortplate Bone-less (US) 8kg/pc

BEEF022 CAB Rib Eye Chilled 6-7.5kg/pc

BEEF023 CAB Tenderloin 189A Chilled 2-3kg/c

BEEF028 CAB Chuck Bistro Fillet 850g/pc

BEEF031 Beef Striploin Prem Kobe-Style (US) 5-kg/pc

BEEF035P CAB T-Bone Steak 14oz

BEEF036P CAB Porterhouse Steak 12oz

BEEF037 CAB Rib Bone-in 8kg/pc

BEEF038 CAB Shortrib Bone-in 8kg/pc

BEEF039 CAB Shortloin Bone-in 10kg/pc

BEEF042P CAB Rib Eye Roll Steak 18oz

BEEF043P CAB Rib Eye Steak 12oz

BEEF056 CAB Prime Striploin Frozen

BEEF062 Beef Rib Eye Amer Kobe (US)

BEEF110 CAB Flank Steak 5kgs/pc

BEEF126 Beef Tongue (US) 16.19kg/box

BEEF404 CAB Top Sirloin 5-6kgs/pc

BEEF423 CAB Top Blade 2.2kgs/pc

BEEF435 CAB Shortrib Bone-less 1kg

BEEF440 CAB Chuck Roll 6kgs/pc

BEEF506 Mulwarra Cube Roll/Rib Eye 3kgs/pc

BEEF508 Mulwarra Striploin 4kgs/pc

BEEF509 Mulwarra Tenderloin 2kgs/pc


Quail 180-200g (Aust)

Rougié Duck Breast 250-450g

Rougié Duck Liver Whole 500-800g/pc

Rougié Duck Liver Sliced 50g/20

Rougié Duck Legs to Cook in Fat 300-350g/pc

Duckling (US) 2-2.5kg/pc

Turkey Breast Boneless (Norbest) 3-4kg/pc

Turkey Breast Hickory Smoked 4kgs/pc

Turkey Whole (US) 5kgs/pc


LAMB008 Lamb Ribs Bone-in 1.5kgs/pc

LAMB014 Lamb Rack Frenched 1kg/pc

LAMB015 Lamb Shoulder Bone-in 1.5kgs/pc

LAMB016 Lamb Leg Bone-in 2.2kgs/pc

LAMB018 Lamb Rack Standard 1kg/pc

LAMB020 Lamb Leg Boneless 2kgs/pc

LAMB021 Lamb Loin Boneless 900g/pc

LAMB024 Lamb Shanks Bone-in 1.9kgs/pc

LAMB035 Lamb Rump 1kg/pc

LAMB052 Lamb Shoulder Boneless 1.8kgs/pc

LAMB064 Lamb Liver 500g/pc

LAMB065 Lamb Shortloin 1.4kgs/pc


VEAL003 Veal Aust Kidney 250g/pc

VEAL004 Veal Aust Liver 1kg

VEAL009 Veal Aust Cheeks

VEAL020 Veal Osso Bucco Portion Aust 1.2kgs/pc

VEAL036 Veal Aust Boneless Tenderloin 1kg/pc

VEAL038 Veal Aust Backstrap/Loin Boneless 2kgs/pc

VEAL046 Veal Aust Sweetbread 500g/pc

VEAL059 Veal of Ribs Australian French 1.5kgs/pc


Salmon Norwegian IQF Frozen 3.5kgs/pc

Salmon Norwegian Chilled 3.5kgs/pc

Rainbow Trout Frozen

Halibut Whole (Greenland) 25 kg/box

Black Cod (US) 3-4 kg/pc

Cod Fillet Skin on Boneless

Chilean Seabass Headless 2-4kg/pc

Lemon Sole Fillet

Salmon Nor Smoked Frozen Whole Side 1.2kg

Salmon Norwegian Smoked Sliced 500g

Salmon Norwegian Smoked Frozen Psliced (Sea Eagle)

Cod Dried Salted Atlantic (Bacalhau) 1kg

Rainbow Trout Smoked 125g/pack

Mussels Frozen 1/2 Shell (Chile) 1Kg

Frozen Seafood Mixed 1kg/pack

Mussels Whole Shell Frozen

Mussels Meat Frozen 1kg/pack

Scallops Jumbo Roe Off 2 kg/pack

Scallops U/10 2.4kgs/pack

Lobster Tail Frozen 8-10oz

Lobster Norwegian/Scampi Frozen 1kg/pack

Crayfish Cooked in Brine Whole 1kg

Salmon Roe 250g

Lobster Bisque 1.8kg

Herring Matjes Fillet 2kg/pail

Olmeda Anchodina (Fillet of Sardines)

Olmeda White Anchovies in Olive Oil & Vinegar (boquerones)