Paulsen Cornichons 330g

Paulsen Fass Gherkins 970g

Paulsen Red Beetroot 330g

Paulsen Red Beetroot Balls 520g

Paulsen Red Cabbage 680g

White Asparagus Spears 330g

Cornichons 210g

Mint Jelly 290-300g

Horseradish 700g

Cocktail Onions 210g

Vegemite 220g

Sambal Oelek Sauce 250g

Graved Lachs Sauce 140ml

Horseradish 140g

Caperberries 370g

Branston Pickle 310g

Compote Cherry 560g

Compote Apricot 560g

Grilled Paprika 360g

Elderflower Syrup 500ml

Raspberry Syrup 500ml

Paulsen Cornichons with Garlic 330g

Sundried Tomato in Olive Oil 2.95kg/jar

Piacelli Dried Tomatoes in Herb Oil 280g

Piacelli Artichoke Hearts in Herb 280g

Caper in Wine Vinegar 90g

Piacelli Grilled Paprika in Oil 280g

Piacelli Garlic Siciliana in Spicy 280g

Piacelli Pesto Verde alla Genevose 190g

Maple Syrup 250ml


Paulsen Sauerkraut 9.7kg

De Rica Peeled Whole Tomatoes 2.5kg

De Rica Peeled Chopped Tomatoes 2.5kg

Hero Ravioli with Tomato Sauce 430g

Jalapeno Whole 737g

Plum Pudding Traditional 350g

Artichoke Hearts in Brine 400g

Pudding Choco Self Saucing 300g

Hero Gulasch Soup 420g

Harissa in Tin 135g

Beans Refried 434/454g

Heinz Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 420g

Niko Pea Stew with Pork 1.2kg

Niko Green Stew with Pork 1.2kg

Niko Lentil Stew with Pork 1.2kg

Niko Bean Stew with Bologna Sausage 1.2kg